Propane Tanks

Banner Furnace and Fuel is more than a propane delivery service. We can also install propane tanks for home or commercial use in the Spokane area and surrounding communities. Our trained professional crews help you through the entire installation process. Additionally, we can return on your schedule for maintenance and repairs when needed.

Our experts will help you navigate local regulations and make sure all the proper paperwork is in place. We have extensive experience in dealing with propane installation permits.

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Propane Tank Installation in Spokane

According to most building codes in Eastern Washington, propane tanks can be placed hundreds of feet away from your home or building. The main requirements state there must be adequate clearance around the tank, and the tank must be accessible from the driveway or road. With that in mind, if hiding your propane tank is important to you, it is permissible to plant bushes around the tank (as long as the building code permits it). Building a small fence around the tank is an option as well.

No matter where you place your propane tank, you can rest assured Banner Furnace and Fuel will install it correctly and safely.

Types of Propane Tanks

Propane tanks come in a variety of sizes – from 120 gallons to 1,000 gallons. The size of your home or office space will dictate how big of a tank you will need. For instance, a 120-gallon propane tank is ideal for seasonal usage (i.e. a small cabin or shop, or for supplemental room heating). A 250-gallon tank is ideal for supplementing another heat source in a home, or for supplying propane to non-heating appliances such as water heaters, dryers and stoves. To heat an entire home, we recommend a standard 500-gallon tank. For large homes or commercial purposes, we can install tanks as big as 1,000 gallons

GallonsPad Size*Tank Size*Empty WeightFull Weight
12018X60242X66300 lbs725 lbs
25024X7230X96550 lbs1450 lbs
50030X9638X1201000 lbs2800 lbs
100036X14441X922000 lbs5800 lbs
GallonsPad SizeTank SizeEmpty WeightFull Weight
12036X3655X30175 lbs600 lbs
GallonsIgnition SourceAny StructureProperty Line
12010 ft**5 ft
250-50010 ft10 ft10 ft
100025 ft25 ft25 ft

*Sizes in inches, height x width
**Tank may be set next to building, 5 ft from any opening in the building, including a door or window.


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