Pacific Pride

Fuel service for your
fleet of cars or trucks

Banner Furnace & Fuel’s expertise extends to all kinds of commercial fueling, including fuel for fleet cars, delivery vans and trucks. Pacific Pride has one of the most extensive networks of locations throughout the region. We offer industry-leading controls to help you manage your fueling needs.

Pacific Pride


Pacific Pride offers you convenient access to a controllable source of fuel on a credit basis from a single source. As a member of the Pacific Pride network, your drivers will have access to over 1400 fueling sites across the USA and Canada. Whether you operate one truck, several service vans or a fleet of cars and trucks, Pacific Pride can accommodate all of your needs.

Total Control

With access cards, your employees need not worry about having cash on them and there are no lost receipts or unauthorized purchases to worry about. Even better, with Pacific Pride’s online reporting and fuel management system, you are now in complete control of your fleet’s fuel expenses!
  1. Unauthorized Use – Unlike credit cards, Pacific Pride cards can only be used for the fuel, vehicle and type of purchase you specify
  2. Maintenance Tracking – Use our system to track odometer readings at each fuel stop.
  1. You Set Controls – You can limit the time of day, day of the week, the number of transactions per day and the fuel type. Apply your settings to your entire fleet, or customize them to any driver.
  2. Local Service – Local customer service to establish your account, help you set controls, and issue cards.
  3. Online Reporting – Track your fueling data on a secure website. Download all of your fleet’s transactions for use in Excel or other accounting programs.
  4. Export and Share – Fuel consumption and odometer readings can be emailed to your maintenance supervisor, accounting department, division managers, or anyone you choose.


Because you can monitor and manage your fleet’s spending patterns, you can reduce fuel and related costs by as much as 20% by investing in the Pacific Pride cardholder program.

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Pacific Pride services in Spokane...

For more information about the Pacific Pride’s fleet fuel service in the Spokane area, get in touch with us at Banner Furnace & Fuel today! Call us at (509) 535-1711.

Download Credit Application

Download this credit application for Banner Furnace & Fuel and/or Pacific Pride fleet fuel service. Fill out required fields and email or fax back to Banner Furnace & Fuel (see application for complete instructions).