Air Cleaners & Air Filters

Clean the air in your home with proper
filtration and air cleaning technology

These days it’s not enough to simply heat or cool your home. You should also think about the quality of the air you breathe day in and day out. In fact, did you know in some cases the air inside your house is more polluted than the air outside your home?

Banner Furnace & Fuel can help you clean the air inside your house. Aside from duct cleaning, which should be done on a regular basis, be sure to use the proper filter to keep larger particulates and allergens out of your duct work. Our parts counter can help you find the right filter for your system. We can even help you install it!


Air Cleaning Systems

To make the air inside your house even cleaner, consider installing an air cleaner. Streamer and filtration technologies from manufacturers like Daikin can trap allergens like mold, mites, pollen, and even viruses and bacteria. And they can be installed with or without humidity controls.

Air cleaners can go as far as to oxidize and decompose viruses. Then, using electrostatic technologies, the dust in the air can be charged and collected. The end result is cleaner, healthier air – and a lot less dust!

Contact Banner Furnace & Fuel today to find out how adding an air filtration and cleaning system can make the air inside your home cleaner to breathe.


Our Products

We offer a variety of air filtration systems which we can install in your home or business. Learn more about the systems we carry by clicking HERE.